Have You Got a Move Coming Up?

Make sure your dolly is outfitted with a Dollysleeve

The idea for the Dollysleeve was born when our owner was helping his parents move some heavy plants. He noticed that they were working harder and not smarter. He decided that if you made a bigger base for the dolly, he wouldn't have to bend over as much, and he wouldn't be using as much energy.

And that's how the Dollysleeve was born!

The Dollysleeve is a simple platform extension that easily slides on to a standard 14" by 7" hand truck or dolly, increasing the surface area by 350%. Reach out to us today to get more information on the new invention and how you can own one today.


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Buy a residential model of the Dollysleeve

The residential Dollysleeve costs $59.99 plus shipping and handling. This model weighs three pounds and has a 800-pound carrying capacity. It's great for moving every day items with ease, including:

Dog food
Cases of water
Ice chests
Plastic totes

Made of the aircraft-grade Aluminum 6061, the Dollysleeve will hold up even with repeated use. Reach out to us today to get more information about our new invention.

Invest in a commercial model of the Dollysleeve

The commercial Dollysleeve costs $79.99 plus shipping and handling. This model weighs four pounds and has an 1,200-pound carrying capacity. It's perfect for repetitive use with heavy loads. It's an incredible durable and lightweight solution to heavy dolly loads.

Like the residential model, the commercial Dollysleeve is made of the aircraft-grade Aluminum 6061. It's lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant.

Turn your dolly into a super dolly-order a Dollysleeve today!

We wanted to show you just how much weight our Dollysleeve can withstand. The video shows the placing of 10 sacks of concrete weighing 80 lbs per bag for a total of 800 lbs. The maximum weight of your dolly should never be exceeded. This video will show you that how easy it is to move 800 lbs with a Dollysleeve extension. Order today or contact us here and we will be glad to get you a Dollysleeve. Patent pending.

Make Moving Easier-Use a Dollysleeve

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